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"WI-FI Before You Fly, Now Free @ ATL"

Free WI-FI Free WI-FI

Atlanta's front door to the world

“Nonstop service to more than 60 international destinations in
more than 45 countries”

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Wait Time

International Hourly: Open
International Park-Ride: Open
North Daily: Open
North Economy: Open
North Hourly: Open
Park-Ride-A: Open
Park-Ride-B: Closed
Park-Ride-C: Open
South Daily: Open
South Economy: Open
South Hourly: Open
West Economy: Full
Updated: Jan 29, 2015 07:24 PM EST

Domestic North Checkpoint :
Domestic South Checkpoint :
International Checkpoint :
less than 10 minutes
Domestic Main Checkpoint :
10 - 20 minutes
Last Update: Jan 29, 2015 07:24:50 PM (EST)
 Airport advises passengers to arrive 90 minutes to 2 hours prior to their scheduled departure time. Trak-a-Line