After the master planning process concluded in 1999, the City of Atlanta adopted a capital improvement plan (CIP) for Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport that guided development for 10 years. Notable projects in the CIP included Runway 10-28, the rental car center and the Maynard H. Jackson Jr. International Terminal. These projects have positioned the Airport to accommodate demand growth and provide improved customer service. As the projects identified in the CIP are completed, it becomes essential to identify subsequent actions to maintain and enhance the Airport’s facilities. In addition, federal law requires the City to maintain an up-to-date airport layout plan that depicts existing and proposed facilities, infrastructure and structures. To comply with this ongoing requirement and to exercise prudent airport planning, the City is undertaking a new master plan study to provide a framework for future airport development.



The master plan study will take place over two years. During the initial phase, planners will gather information about existing facilities and aviation activity and will prepare a 20-year forecast of passenger and aircraft activity. During subsequent phases of the study, planners will assess the capabilities of existing facilities and will determine whether they can accommodate the anticipated growth in demand. The “gap” between existing facility capabilities and future facility needs will provide the basis for creating development alternatives. The final phase of the study will entail developing and evaluating alternative concepts to meet the future facility needs and then selecting a preferred path of facility development. Throughout the process, public involvement and stakeholder coordination will be critical to ensuring that the selected plan meets users’ needs by providing an efficient facility in a cost-effective manner and the community’s needs by maintaining the Airport’s role as the region’s economic driver.

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