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CPTC Chiller Replacement Project

The Terminal Central Utilities Plant (T-CUP), which was constructed in 1978 as part of the original Central Passenger Terminal Complex (CPTC) construction, was recently upgraded with high-efficiency equipment. Prior to the upgrade, the T-CUP contained two 30-year old steam-driven chillers. Two natural gas-fired boilers generated the steam used to drive the chillers. The steam driven chillers were replaced by two electric chillers, thus eliminating the need for the use of natural gas-fired boilers to generate steam. The Sustainability paybacks of the project are now becoming apparent. During the ozone season of 2007 (May through September), approximately 112.8 million cubic feet (MMCF) of natural gas was used within the T-CUP, mainly to generate steam for the old chillers. During the ozone season of 2008, 30.8 MMCF of natural gas was used within the T-CUP, a 73% reduction in natural gas usage. In 2009, only 1 MMCF of natural gas was used, realizing a 99% reduction from 2007 usage numbers.

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