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Compliance Enforcement

Compliance and enforcement conduct inspections 24 hours a day. Inspections of the Secured and Sterile areas are conducted to determine compliance i.e. aircraft, vehicles, ramp, construction sites, tenants, terminal doors, alarm response time, and Hartsfield-Jackson incentive program. Fines are assessed for those tenants that are non-compliant.

Physical Security Provide input for design and review construction plans of airport projects to meet the physical security and TSA requirements for protecting facilities as and resources of the airport. Manage the contracts for all security systems to include CCTV, Access Control, fingerprints and badge systems. Develop security plans to serve as guidelines/roadmaps tenant and contractors to meet the applicable standards of TSA and the airport.

Contract Guard Security Services Manage the guard contract company that provides physical access control to the restricted areas of the airport. Conduct performance monthly reviews of the company’s performance levels to ensure the highest level of security is maintained.

Escort Procedure


Escorting is defined as accompanying an individual or group that does not have unrestricted access to the SIDA or sterile area. Escorting is only authorized for official business and is not allowed for the purposes of taking family members, friends or associates into the restricted areas of the Airport for tours or unofficial company business.

Individuals with unrestricted access to the Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) and sterile areas of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport must display the proper identification media as issued by the Department of Aviation’s Security Division. SIDA is defined as the areas within the Airport's perimeter boundary that require an individual to continuously display an ID badge. Sterile areas are areas inside the central passenger terminal complex that are behind the screening checkpoints and include all concourses.

Individuals who do not have an Airport ID badge that authorizes access to the SIDA or sterile area and have a need to conduct official business for a short duration may be escorted by a person with escort authority. The Security division will grant escort authority to individuals as requested by their employer.

Permitted Purposes for Escorting

Escorting is only authorized when an operational need exists for a governmental agency, airline tenant, airline management tenant, concessions tenant, construction management tenant or contractor as authorized by the Aviation Security division. Please see the Escort Training Guide below for a detailed list that can be used as a guideline for justification to escort (the list is not all inclusive).

Who Can Escort

Individuals authorized by their company and validated by the Security division can escort if the purpose for escorting falls within the guidelines as listed in the Permitted purposes for escorting section of this document. Security will validate authority to escort by issuing a seal to each individual authorized to escort. The seal will be affixed to the ATL badge and presented at access points when performing escort duties. Please see the Escort Training Guide below for additional details.

Methods for Escorting

  • Walking Escorts
  • Work Group Escorts
  • Vehicle Escorts
  • Contractor Escorting

Please see the Escort Training Guide below for additional details.

Procedures to Escort

Government employees (blue badges), airline employees and airline management company employees (green badge) are authorized to escort at any time through access gates 59 or the security screening checkpoint. The individual conducting the escort must, however, possess the validation seal issued by DOA Security prior to performing the escort. No other authorization documentation shall be required as authorization to escort.

Employees of companies other than government, airline or airline facility management must receive pre-authorization from the Department of Aviation Security office prior to escorting. The following procedures will be used for escorting:

  1. An Escort Request Form must be completed and submitted to the DOA Security Office a minimum of 24 hours prior to the requested time of escort for approval consideration. The form must be submitted by the tenant or prime construction contactor.
  2. After review, the form will be sent back to the company of request via fax or e-mail.
  3. If approved, the form must be presented at the access point authorization to escort.
  4. To better serve you, Hartsfield-Jackson Security now has an online system for requesting escorts. Please click on the link below to submit your request.
Please see the Escort Training Guide below for additional details.

Emergency Notification

If an escorted person engages in activities other than those for which access was granted, the person providing the escort is required to maintain watch if possible and report the incident to Airport police by calling 911 immediately.

Security Seal/Hologram Program Procedures (U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

Definition of CBP Security Area (19 CFR 122.181)

The term “CBP security area” means the Federal Inspection Services area at any airport accommodating international air commerce designated for processing passengers, crew, their baggage and effects arriving from, or departing to, foreign countries, as well as the aircraft, deplaning area, ramp area, international cargo facilities, and other restricted areas designated by the Port Director.

For a detailed outline of security provisions (19 CFR 122.181), application details and escorting procedures, please click on the link below:

Link to Security Program Procedures – printable PDF

Link to ATL Escort Training Guide– printable PDF
Link to Escorting Criteria Policy– printable PDF