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Introducing a Retail Renaissance: Well-Known Retail Brands Arriving at Airport

Starting on September 5, passengers and visitors to Hartsfield-Jackson will see the start of an expanded array of well-known branded products and services. More than 70 new shops will enable the Airport to rightfully claim another positive attribute – an exciting shopping destination.

“Internationally recognized brands such as Bvlgari, Salvatore Ferragamo, Sean John, L’Occitane and Brooks Brothers are coming to the Airport” said John Cugasi, Hartsfield-Jackson Concessions director. “These brands are a part of the Airport’s new retail program designed to appeal to those who value a quality shopping environment. The shops will also reflect the rich cultural diversity that exists in Georgia.”

All Airport visitors, but especially native Georgians, will enjoy shopping at Georgia Aquarium Beyond the Reef, Savannah Candy Kitchen and Panda Veranda, a gift shop that will feature a live panda cam feed from Zoo Atlanta. Other stores having a Southern connection include Atlanta Daily World and Southern Living News, both newsstands.

“Our goal in opening these new shops is to not only meet the needs of our passengers and guests, but also provide them with a quality shopping experience,” said Cugasi. “The new shops will offer convenience, value and quality, which we believe will meet the needs of both business and leisure travelers.”

“Our first phase, Change is in the Air, will reflect the opening of 40 stores. All locations will be under construction from September through December,” said Concessions Manager Marshall Taggart.

“Next, our second phase will kick off the opening of these 40 stores as well as the beginning of an additional 20 stores slated for construction,” said Taggart. This phase is known as Unveiling a New Passenger Experience. Passengers will start the new year with an additional menu of options,” mentioned Taggart. “Our final phase, scheduled from March to late June 2009, will allow our passengers to Shop, Dine and Explore shopping options on all concourses.”

Included in the shopping options will be two additional spas and one hair salon on Concourses A, C and in the Atrium, as well as 11 new business and entertainment branded concepts, including Blackberry, Regis, Rosetta Stone, In-Motion and Neat Receipts.

For more information, contact the new Concessions Management Retail Information line at (404) 209-5438.