March 2006
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Airport Pays Tribute to Coretta Scott King
By Cameo Garrett

When Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport learned of the passing of Mrs. Coretta Scott King officials immediately took steps to honor the civil rights icon.

In tribute to Mrs. King, an overhead banner saluting her and greeted arriving passengers, as they exited the transportation mall.

Also, a photo exhibit featuring prominent events in her life was installed in the Airport atrium. The showcase is presented as part of the Airport Art Program, which features art exhibits and musical performances for the enjoyment of passengers, visitors and employees.

The photo retrospective illustrates Mrs. King's commitment to advocacy and highlights her participation in civil rights, her fight against the AIDS crisis and her support of the families of Atlanta's missing and murdered children, among other causes.

Originally scheduled to run through the end of Black History Month, the King photo exhibit will continue through March.

"Mrs. King was a very significant individual whose work has had a lasting impact on our lives and made our world a little better," said Lamar Renford, program manager of the Airport Art Program. "We felt it was only fitting to extend this exhibit for the benefit of the Airport community."

Instead of quietly retiring from the spotlight after the assassination of her husband, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., she continued his mission of equality for all Americans. Later, she founded the King Center as a monument to his legacy.

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