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Taxiway “V” Set To Open in 2007
By DeAllous Smith

In an innovative move to relieve congestion at the world’s busiest airport, aviation officials are anxiously awaiting the opening of Taxiway Victor (V), which is slated for completion in March 2007. The $42 million end around taxiway is set to open along the northern arc of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and connect Runway 8L/26R with taxiways Echo (E) and Foxtrot (F).

The transition will allow aircraft landing on Runway 26R to avoid taxiing across Runway 8R/26L, which is sandwiched between Runway 8L/26R and Taxiways E and F. Overall, the new end around taxiway is projected to increase departure flows on Runway 26L by as much as 15 percent. Taxiway V will also be used during easterly wind conditions to queue aircraft departing on Runway 8R to relieve congestion on taxiways E and F.

Currently aircraft arriving on Runway 26R have to cross Runway 26L by waiting for a gap to occur in the line of planes queued for departure or delay some departures to allow the aircraft to cross. “Taxiway V will eliminate the gap requirement for the stream of departures, which is a major benefit,” said Matt Davis, planning manager for Airspace and Airfield.

The present configuration requires aircraft to hold on Taxiway Bravo (B) until ground controllers can clear the aircraft to cross Runway 26L.

“The new system is also a major customer service factor for both our passengers and the airlines,” said Senior Aviation Engineer Kathy Masters. “The aircrafts’ ability to bypass an active runway will save on airline fuel costs and reduce the amount of time travelers spend idle on the aircraft.” In a 2001 presentation to the Federal Aviation Administration, aviation officials predicted a $27.1 million per year taxi and delay savings associated with the project.

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Taxiway "V" Construction

Taxiway "V" Construction

Taxiway "V" Construction