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Wireless Cameras Keep Watchful Eye on Airport
By Pamela Wilson

Just how safe is Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport? Well, if it were a city, it would probably be the safest in the state, says Lieutenant John Mathis of the Atlanta Police Department Airport Precinct.

“With more than 250,000 people passing through the Airport daily, there is only about one crime a day,” Mathis said. "That’s less per capita than any Georgia city and most crimes in the Airport are petty thefts of bags," he added.

A key to the Airport’s low crime rate is that the entire property is under camera surveillance—a fact well-known to most that enter the facility. Recently, new wireless cameras were added. These Web-based cameras are enabled with remote-access programming, allowing for wide-range monitoring from many locations within the Airport.

Unlike Web cams, which require connections to PCs, Wireless Network Cameras, or Wi-Fi cameras, are self-contained electronic imaging devices, which allows monitoring from any available network in the Airport.

The enhanced camera system transmits through the Airport’s existing Wi-Fi system, which was installed in October 2005. Director of Information Services Lance Lyttle explains, “This is a perfect example of expanding the use of our wireless network far beyond just Internet access.”

“These new cameras, part of our Capital Improvement Program, complement other ongoing projects that help increase the Airport’s overall appeal and functionality,” said Airport General Manager Ben DeCosta. “When you walk into the Airport, you know you are in a place that is clean, has brightly-lit spaces, and it is safe and secure.”

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Wireless Cameras Keep Watchful Eye on Airport
Wireless Cameras
Wireless Cameras Keep Watchful Eye on Airport
Wireless Cameras
Wireless Cameras Keep Watchful Eye on Airport