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TSA Approves Two Models of Locks for Checked Baggage
By Pamela Wilson

Due to security measures that require federal access to checked bags, most people do not lock their luggage when traveling by air. Some feel this leaves their luggage vulnerable. But the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) notes that it has approved two models of luggage locks. Lock models certified by either Travel Sentry or Safe Skies are compatible with TSA standards and allowed on luggage onboard aircraft. TSA authorities have access to special tools for unlocking these locks and will relock suitcases after inspection.

“TSA has worked with these two companies to develop locks that provide security, yet allow for quick access by TSA screeners,” said TSA Spokesperson Chris White. “For individuals who wish to lock their luggage, we encourage them to use these locks.”

White notes that a small percentage of checked bags are opened. Only bags that have been physically and electronically inspected by TSA officers and determined to be suspicious will be opened, he said.

Before purchasing locks, be sure they bear one of the logos shown at below.




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