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Airport Noise & Operations Monitoring Systems Aids Residents
By DeAllous Smith

A report gaining popularity among would-be homeowners is an analysis that monitors aircraft activity occurring in the sky.

In fact, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has a Noise and Operations Monitoring Systems (NOMS) unit dedicated solely to working with the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) radar data to compile accurate aircraft flight track mapping for the 2,800 daily flights that operate at the facility.

“Using the FAA’s radar data, we are able to provide the public with flight track information for all aircraft activity within a 40-nautical-mile radius of the facility and up to 20,000 feet in altitude,” said Environmental and Technical Services Director Tom Nissalke.

The NOMS unit is able to share valuable information that may ultimately impact a homebuyer’s decision on where to purchase. The NOMS unit also addresses current residents’ concerns regarding flight path deviations.

Aviation officials recently conducted three Town Hall meetings and a public hearing session to hear and discuss specific issues relating to commercial aircraft noise heard during the day and evening hours.

The comments collected by Airport and FAA officials will be used to review commercial flight patterns and resolve any outstanding issues with neighboring communities.

To discuss aircraft noise issues in your area, contact Hartsfield-Jackson’s NOMS Analyst Gail Feltman at 770-43-NOISE.

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