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Oops! Did You Do That?
By Charisma Cannon

Oops! Did You Do That?

Oops! Did you spill something at Hartsfield-Jackson? Not to worry. The Airport has new devices that make spill pick-ups as easy as the flip of a cell phone.

Spill tents, as the new coverings are called, are primarily targeted to attract the attention of clean-up crews. Standing 2.5 feet tall, the bright yellow “tents” will also make spotting the spills easy for passengers, thus making them easier to maneuver around.

And if passengers should spot one of the tents, they are encouraged to call 770-HJ-CLEAN to quickly summon a clean-up crew. More than 250 tents have been purchased and some have already been installed in the central terminal and on Concourse E next to all Automatic Emergency Defibrillator boxes. The remainder will be installed on the other four concourses by the end of the first quarter of 2007.

Doug Strachan, innovations manager for Hartsfield-Jackson, said the tents coincide with the Airport’s new cleanliness campaign. “The tents are just one aspect of our cleanliness campaign. Travelers should be on the lookout for more improvements to come as a part of that campaign.”

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Oops! Did You Do That?
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