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Old Concrete Finds New Life through Recycling
By Pamela Wilson

Old Concrete Finds New Life through Recycling
Old concrete Gets New Life at Hartsfield-Jackson

What do you do with 500,000 tons of old concrete? When you’re an environmentally friendly airport, you recycle it.

When Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport began the repaving of one of its older runways, 8R-26L, in September, one of the first tasks was to remove the existing concrete. But instead of discarding the old material, the Airport is recycling it to use in new construction.

The $53.3 million project is called Airfield Recycling Material Site Management (ARMSM). It involved removing the concrete in large 12-foot by 16-foot slabs and loading them onto trucks, three at a time. Contract crews trucked the slabs to the materials site, located between the new fifth runway and the existing terminal.

There it is broken into pieces by a large jackhammer-like machine and run through a crusher. The ground concrete is mixed with equal parts of dirt, and that mixture is used to build-up the site for future airport construction. In total approximately 0.5 million cubic yards of recycled material was produced, which is a value to Hartsfield-Jackson. This is part of the four million cubic yards of material to be placed in the embankment.

“This process saves us the money of disposal,” said Kathryn Masters, senior project manager of the ARMSM project. “Also we’re taking what would have been worthless material and getting value out of it,” she said.

That value is even more appreciated given the fact that land is at a premium. “As the quantity of usable land decreases, airports and other facilities are looking for ways to avoid using land to store dumped concrete,” said Joseph Cantwell, a project manager with John D. Stephens Construction. The recycling of the 8R-26L materials is expected to be completed in early 2007.

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Old Concrete Finds New Life through Recycling
Old Concrete Finds New Life at Hartsfield-Jackson