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Hartsfield-Jackson Handles Busiest Day in History of Airport
By Ravae Graham

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport lived up to its title as the “world’s busiest airport” during the Thanksgiving holiday. Between November 21 and 27, more than 1.7 million passengers traveled through Hartsfield- Jackson, an overall increase of 2.3 percent from 2005.

Hartsfield-Jackson Handles Busiest Day in History of Airport

Monday, November 28, 2006
Busiest Day in the History of the Airport

“Passengers traveling during the Thanksgiving holidays have steadily increased over the years,” said Alrene Barr, chief management analyst at Hartsfield-Jackson. “In fact, we have more passengers traveling during Thanksgiving than Christmas.”

Despite the influx of passengers during the holiday season, Hartsfield-Jackson continued to carry out its mission, “To be the World’s Best Airport by exceeding customer expectations.” The Monday after Thanksgiving was the busiest single day in Airport history, with more than 306,000 passengers traveling on that day alone.

“On that [Monday] morning we processed more than 5,000 people per hour for the first three hours of the peak. It was very busy and we had a lot of volume, but with all the collaboration we had coordinated working with the Transportation Security Administration and the airlines, everything went smoothly,” said Robert Kennedy, assistant general manager for airport operations, maintenance and security. In fact, over the seven-day holiday travel period, the longest wait time for security was 15 minutes or less, with the exception of a three-hour period on Monday, November 28.

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