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Airport Wi-Fi to Assist Airlines with Efficiency
By Charisma Cannon

Wireless fidelity, also known as Wi-Fi, will soon serve more than the traveling public of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. By summer 2007, the new service will also extend to airfield operations.

How does that affect me, the passenger, you ask? Well for one, the new network will ultimately allow airlines to track bags more effectively so that baggage loss is reduced. It will also allow airfield operations to download flight/passenger data before a plane arrives at the gate, making disembarkation faster.

Overall however, the expansion of Wi-Fi onto the airfield will increase the efficiency of airport maintenance units, police, fire and airfield operations. Most of the daily functions they now perform manually will become automated, streamlining their performance dramatically.

Airport officials say the network is “still in the designing phase” and once ready, will take about six months to install over the entire airfield. The new network will use the existing infrastructure of the current Wi-Fi system.

For more information on Hartsfield-Jackson’s Wi-Fi system, logon to www.atlanta-airport.com.

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Airport Wi-Fi to Assist Airlines with Efficiency Airport Wi-Fi to Assist
Airlines with Efficiency