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Adventurous Holiday Destinations
By Pamela Wilson

Thousands of travelers are shedding the traditional holiday gatherings to take on adventure!

A Walk on the Wild Side
A Walk on the Wild Side
Some adventurous travelers are getting off the beaten path by spending the holiday in Kenya’s Mara region. With its many species of game animals, the region is one of Kenya’s most popular for safaris. The area is home to zebras, gazelle, lions, cheetahs and buffalo. In a luxury 4x4 SUV, tourists can traverse bush tracks and spend nights at a remote scenic bush camp on the banks of the Mara River.

Air service to Kenya from Hartsfield-Jackson is available by British Airways, Delta, KLM and Northwest. For more information on luxury safaris, check out the following Web sites: www.ccafricasafaris.com or www.safari.go2africa.com.

Flying through Treetops
Some holiday travelers will fly to their destinations and then take to the sky again- suspended by a cable. These adventurers have chosen to take a Zipline tour. The relatively new sport involves strapping on a harness attached to a cable that is stretched along a succession of five- to ten trees.

Zipline Tours in Action

Each person pushes off from a platform on a tree and zips along the cable to the platform on the next tree. The cable can extend 20-80 feet off the ground; so, it’s like flying over the forest floor. Zipline tours are available at many ski resorts and mountain vacation destinations. For a list of locations worldwide, visit www.ziplinetours.net/tourlinks.html.

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