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Fun Ideas for Layovers at ATL
By Pamela Wilson

Finding ways to amuse yourself during an airport layover can perhaps be the most challenging part of air travel. You’ve read a magazine, made some phone calls, and watched the planes take off. Now what?

At Hartsfield-Jackson you’ll find some appealing ways to pass the time. Here are a few ideas:

1. Couch Potato No More
Feeling a little sluggish after your trans-Atlantic flight? Try an invigorating walk through the Transportation Mall. It spans two miles from end to end (from Baggage Claim to Concourse E); and it’s much more fun than a treadmill. To get started from one of the concourses, make note of your concourse and gate; then follow the signs to Baggage Claim and take the escalator down one level. Instead of getting on the train, walk along the mall. When you pass the sculpture exhibit between Baggage Claim and Concourse A, turn around and walk back to your concourse.


Try an invigorating walk
through the concourses.

2. Art at the Airport
Take in the sights and sounds of visual art. The Airport has eight major art spaces, including an exhibit of Western art on Concourse T and a dramatic exhibit of contemporary Zimbabwean sculpture and photography between Concourse A and the Terminal.


3. Movies on Demand
Create a personal movie experience. At the InMotion Video store you can rent a DVD player with a free movie, or simply rent a movie and play it on your laptop or portable player. The store offers a wide range of music, movies and consumer electronic products for rent or purchase. Stores are located at the center points of Concourse C and Concourse E.




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