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Reorganization of Customer Service Representatives
By Pamela Wilson

In November 2006, approximately 160 Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) and managers were transferred to the Airport’s Landside Operations Division. The change will result in a more clearly defined mission for the CSRs, who formerly reported to two separate divisions.

“The overall transition process has been a relatively effortless and very pleasant one, thanks to the unwavering support of the Landside Operations staff,” said Customer Service Manager Jan Lister, “Consolidating CSRs and volunteers with Landside Operations will help to make Hartsfield-Jackson a more efficient and welcoming place for our customers.”

Approximately 80 CSRs and 80 additional volunteers direct passengers through the Airport, answer questions, provide escorts when necessary, and assist with crowd control. CSRs also provide translation for more than 40 languages and dialects. Additionally, they have the resource of a translation service by telephone that provides live translation in virtually any language.

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