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Airport Lets Travelers Recharge Before Flight
By DeAllous Smith

BlackBerrys, cell phones, laptop computers, iPods and portable DVD players are great for traveling, but they each have one important attribute in common. At some point and time, these business and leisure devices must be recharged.

“The number of passengers seeking to recharge their electronic devices is increasing,” said Aviation Chief Electrical Engineer Ashraf Demian. “The airport was built more than 20 years ago, so the number of electrical outlets in common use or public spaces are limited to code requirement.”

A major component of the Airport’s $6.2 billion Capital Improvement Program includes upgrades to the Central Passenger Terminal Complex (CPTC). The CPTC projects include exploring ways to enhance the overall travel experience and improve customer service.

“Due to rising customer requests, we are installing more power outlets with any new project or renovation projects that require outlets for passenger use,” added Demian.

Aviation officials plan to have power outlets installed every 20 to 25 feet for any new or renovation project, contingent upon the intended use of the space. Some outlets will be created in partnership with the airlines and located within waiting rooms and work stations.

Travelers inside the Airport’s smoking lounges will also receive more power outlets to recharge their equipment.

Existing outlets were previously spaced in accordance with the National Electrical Code requirement. “Hartsfield-Jackson is in full compliance with federal regulations in terms of spacing for the outlets,” said Demian. “However, we view the additional installation of power outlets as a major convenience for the Airport’s staff and passengers.”

To learn more about the world’s busiest airport’s Capital Improvement Program, visit www.atlanta-airport.com.

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