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Motorists Reminded to Heed Airport Crosswalks
By Pamela Wilson

Every day hundreds of vehicles traverse the public roads at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, and motorists learn quickly that driving on the airport complex requires both awareness and patience. The roads in front of ticketing and baggage claim are called “North Terminal Parkway” on the north and “South Terminal Parkway” on the south.

On stretches of these roads motorists must share the road with pedestrians at several crosswalks, and according to Georgia law, pedestrians always have the right of way. The law states that when a pedestrian shows an intention to cross the street by stepping off the curb, motorists must stop (not just yield) and stay stopped until the pedestrian has reached the other side of the street.

PEDS, a pedestrian safety organization in Atlanta, offers the following crosswalk tips to motorists:

By heeding these tips, motorists can help ensure that they and pedestrians reach their destinations safely.

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