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Learn a Foreign Language on Your Computer
By Triphenya Bailey

If you’re planning a trip to Africa and would like to brush up on your Swahili or another foreign language, consider the interactive software offered at Rosetta Stone Software, where instruction is available in more than 30 different foreign languages.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has two retail locations that sell the language learning software. There is a free-standing location at the center point of Concourse C and a kiosk near Gate 13 on Concourse D.

According to LaTonya Hickson, a location manager for Rosetta Stone Software who travels between stores in Atlanta and Miami, there is a very high demand for Spanish language software. “Business has picked up in a major way,” she said, since the location moved to the intersecting spine of Concourse C. “The visibility seems to be a major factor in our increase in business,” said Hickson.

Languages such as Portuguese, Latin, Vietnamese, Chinese and Arabic are also available. For details about the instructional software, visit www.rosettastone.com.







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Learn a Foreign Language on Your Computer
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