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New Innovative Taxiway to Save Passengers Time
By DeAllous Smith

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport opened Taxiway “V,” the nation’s first Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved “end-around” taxiway, on April 26.

Taxiway V, strategically positioned around the west end of Runway 8R-26L, allows air traffic controllers to continuously have aircraft depart from Runway 26L without stopping them to wait for crossing traffic.

“The airlines and passengers are the ultimate benefactors of the new taxiway,” said Senior Planning Manager for Airspace and Airfield Matt Davis. “Both arriving and departing flights can move continuously, thereby, reducing the amount of time aircraft are delayed due to ground traffic congestion.”

A key feature includes a 29-foot height difference between the elevation of the taxiway and the end of the runway. The taxiway is also nearly 1,500 feet west of the runway. The elevation difference permits aircraft to safely depart over aircraft on the taxiway.

Industry leaders anticipate enhanced airfield safety as a result of the $42 million taxiway. The addition of Taxiway “V” will reduce the risk of runway incursions by eliminating the need for aircraft to cross an active runway.

Aviation officials are studying the feasibility of constructing an end-around taxiway to serve the Airport’s pair of south runways.

“Taxiway V is the result of detailed coordination and active communication,” added Senior Aviation Engineer Kathy Masters. “Several airlines and the FAA contributed to the successful completion of this project.”

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New Innovative Taxiway to Save Passengers Time

Click image for a larger view of Taxiway V