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Random Employee Screening Adds Layer of Airport Security
By Triphenya Bailey

Since April, employees working at the nation’s airports have faced random screenings from Transportation Security Administration (TSA) personnel. “The measure adds an increased layer of security to our processes,” explained Christopher White, a spokesman for TSA. “It has been very successful since its inception,” he added.

White said that TSA has begun randomly screening employees working in secure areas of airports. “These screenings are random and unpredictable. No longer can an employee say with 100 percent certainty that they will not be screened in secure areas,” he said.

The measure is aimed at increasing overall employee security. Airport employees must undergo and pass extensive background checks in order to obtain badges, and each airport must submit detailed security plans for approval from TSA.

The new employee screening procedure involves roving teams of TSA officers who screen employees on a random and unpredictable basis, said White. “For instance, one day we may be at an access door near the terminal; the next day, we may be at a vehicle gate,” he said.



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