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AirTran to Begin Remote Bag Check-In
By Nicolle Williams

Does the idea of checking your bags before ever stepping foot inside a terminal seem impossible? Would the elimination of lines and wait times considerably ease your pre-flight routine?

This summer, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Baggage Airline Guest Services, and AirTran Airways are working together to achieve these goals, ensuring the best travel experience possible.

With Baggage Airline Guest Services, or BAGS, a remote bag check-in service recently implemented at Hartsfield-Jackson, a passenger may check his luggage and receive his boarding boarding pass from a remote location. This allows passengers to bypass the check-in lines and proceed directly to security upon arrival at H-JAIA.

After a small, $10.00 fee (free to Park N’ Fly Plus patrons), customers present their personal ID and airline itinerary and are checked-in remotely. A certified BAGS agent then secures and transports the luggage to the Airport, where it then undergoes TSA screening before being placed on the passenger’s designated plane.

Along with Delta and American, AirTran recently received clearance from TSA to participate in the parking and hotel service. “This is a great benefit for our customers,” says Judy Graham-Weaver, Manager of Public Relations for AirTran Airways.

Currently, four Metro Atlanta locations offer BAGS service to their customers: the Westin Atlanta Airport on Best Road; the Atlanta Crowne Plaza Ravina on Ashford Dunwoody; the Grand Hyatt on Peachtree Road, and the Park N’ Fly Plus on Camp Creek Parkway. New locations are currently in the works.

AirTran began this service May 14, 2007 in Atlanta, and is in operation in cities around the country such as Orlando, San Diego, and Denver, with more to come. Customers may contact BAGS at (407) 447-5547, or by e-mail at info@airportbags.com. For more information, please visit www.airportbags.com.


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AirTran to Begin Remote Bag Check-In