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Volunteer Recognized for Local Honor
By Nicolle Williams

In the hustle and bustle of the world’s busiest airport, a friendly face may be the first thing a traveler notices in the crowd. At Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport those faces are ever present thanks to the Host Volunteer Program.

If the welcoming smile doesn’t catch your eye immediately, the Host Volunteer’s signature red blazer certainly will. Located at the top of the Arrivals Lobby escalator at the Hartsfield-Jackson Information Desk, volunteers are on hand to answer questions pertaining to the Airport and metro Atlanta.

While all Host volunteers provide quality service to Hartsfield-Jackson, one in particular stands out among the rest. Charlotte Rentz, a volunteer for more than five years, is a shining example of the Airport’s finest. Recently awarded the honor of Hapeville Woman of the Year, Rentz holds positions on various boards, including Hapeville Service League, Hapeville Historical Society, and the Main Street Board, to name a few.

Everything Charlotte does is from her heart,” says Brenda Sims, a customer service representative at Hartsfield-Jackson.

A travel aficionado, Rentz has flown into airports all over the world, and has familiarized herself with the ins and outs of the industry. She attributes her interest in becoming a Host Volunteer to her empathy towards those traveling in an unfamiliar environment.
“If you put me in a train station, I’m completely lost. Because I can understand that frustration, I wanted to help those in need,” offered Rentz.

And help she does. For over half a decade, Rentz has provided assistance to passengers ranging from fatigued families to non-English speaking travelers. A former school teacher, Rentz takes the utmost pleasure from watching others learn. “The look on a passenger’s face that signifies that they understand, when you can physically see the light bulb go off…that expression is extremely rewarding,” she stated.

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