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Airport Employees Say “No” to FOD
By DeAllous Smith

Early one summer morning, with the rising sun breaking through the cloudy skies of metro Atlanta, nearly 200 volunteers boarded shuttle buses at the City South Hangar complex. The group’s mission was simple: walk and collect debris along Runway 9R/ 27L.

The June 20 event was a part of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport’s Sixth Annual Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Walk.

FOD Walk 2007

“We appreciate each of the volunteers who turned out to support the FOD Walk,” said Senior Operations Supervisor Neil Deevy. “Their actions symbolize the stream of spirit and pride that constantly flows through the entire airport community.”

Hartsfield-Jackson representatives closed the runway for approximately 30 minutes to safely accommodate the walkers. Walkers discovered debris ranging from screws to bag straps.

“FOD walks allow volunteers a rare opportunity to remove debris from the runway,” added Deevy. “Even small objects such as bolts, paper, metal pieces, plastics and rocks can impact airline operations, resulting in damage to aircraft.”

“Each day, the Airport Operations unit patrols the airfield to remove foreign objects,” noted Deevy. The daily inspection may explain the relatively low retrieval of debris during the FOD walk.

“This was truly a great experience. I will always remember walking the runway with other employees to ensure the safety and security of the ‘world’s busiest airport’,” said Marketing and Business Development Summer Intern, Carmie Cobb.

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