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The Arrival Process 

The Arrival Process

By Roishina Henderson

Coming to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport? Officials at Hartsfield-Jackson offer these tips to help make your travel experience a little smoother.

Baggage Claim Areas: Baggage Claim is available on both north and south sides of the Airport terminal. Look for the airline and corresponding flight information to locate the carousel where bags will arrive.

Curbside baggage check-in is also available on both the north and south sides of the terminal.

Passengers are required to have government-issued ID when checking in for a flight. Passengers may be asked to produce their government-issued ID at several different stages of the check-in process. Please be prepared to show ID, as well as boarding cards at each stage of the boarding process.

Automated check-in kiosks may not be available for all airlines. Please allow enough time to check in at the airline ticket counter, if necessary.

If you are traveling on an e-ticket or via ticket-less travel, please confirm with your airline the specific documentation required for check-in. You may need to have a specific written confirmation/document such as a letter from the air carrier acknowledging your reservation.

Common Use on Baggage Claim:

1) To identify baggage quickly, consider using unique pieces of luggage or personalizing luggage by tying a special knot from a scarf or bandana to it, or use an oversized, unique name tag.

2) Remember to pick up the right baggage.

3) Check to ensure that the name and address are on the baggage before leaving the terminal.

Oversized Bag Screening is located on the north and south sides of the terminal.

Fun Things to Do While You Wait: Hartsfield-Jackson has more than 200 shops and restaurants. To learn about them, click here.

Pet Assistance: Policies relating to the transportation of pets vary by airline and season. When in doubt, contact your airline directly for details.

Pet Assistance
Contact Information
 Air Canada
(404) 530-3541
 Air France
(404) 714-8174
 Air Jamaica
(404) 761-6934
(404) 530-3196
 America West
(404) 530-3541
 British Airways
(404) 768-8172
(404) 530-3541
(800) 352-2746
(404) 767-7795
(404) 559-0244
(404) 530-3792
(404) 530-3400
(800) 822-2746
 US Airways
(404) 530-3334

PARKING: Visit the Airport’s parking lot status page to learn which parking lots are open. This page is updated every 30 minutes.

For a quick exit from the Airport parking lots, consider using one of the Pay-On-Foot parking stations. Keep your parking ticket when leaving your vehicle and look for a ticket-paying device that will allow payment with credit card or cash. Machines are available in parking lots and inside the Airport terminal.

Dropping Off Passengers
Currently, passengers may drop off directly at the main terminal for curbside check-in. Airline check-in is available on both the North and South Terminal sides for most airlines. Use of hourly parking lots, which are adjacent to the terminal, are recommended when passengers need to escorted to be the ticket counter.

Picking up Passengers
Arriving passengers can be picked up along the curbside. For easy identification, doors on both the North and South Terminal are numbered - 1 through 6 from east to west. Visitors are asked to identify the door number and include the letter in front of it (i.e., N-5, S-1, etc.). Advise the arriving passenger to wait near one of the numbered doors.

MARTA makes a direct stop inside the terminal at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Visit the MARTA Web site to learn more: http://www.itsmarta.com.

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