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Waiting to Fly? Consider These Tips
By Pamela Wilson

Ways to Get to the Departure Gates
Since most fliers are making a mad dash to their depar
ture gates, few people realize that there is a “a scenic route” to the concourses. It is the path less traveled - on foot.

Passengers can walk to every gate in the Airport through the main security checkpoint or by walking along the moving sidewalks in the transportation mall. For the adventurous, these are viable options instead of boarding the automated people mover to get to concourses A through E. It is a pleasant walk, but passengers can always use the moving sidewalk or board the train for a ride to their departure concourse.

Shops and Restaurants
More than 200 concessions featuring services, food, beverages, and retail shopping are available for customers’ shopping or dining pleasure at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Many of the stores were recently remodeled and now offer elegant décor and expanded products and services. There are also a number of free-standing kiosk locations that sell food and retail products.

Art Program
Take in the sights and sounds of the visual arts. The Airport has eight major art spaces including an exhibit of Western art on Concourse T and a dramatic exhibit of contemporary Zimbabwean sculptures and photography in the transportation mall corridor between Concourse A and Concourse T.

The Airport’s wireless-fidelity, or Wi-Fi, system covers the entire 5.8 million square- foot span of the Central Passenger Terminal Complex, including the transportation mall. Wi-Fi’s ample antennae coverage ensures consistent connectivity throughout the Airport. The system now has more than 25,000 monthly users who are able to choose from five service providers for a minimal fee. Click here for more information.

Smoking Areas
Smoking is prohibited in the Airport terminal and the concourses” public areas. However, there are established designated smoking rooms inside the Airport at the following locations:

Concourse T Near gates 4 and 13
Concourse A Near gates 14, 23 and in the Budweiser Smoking Lounge
Concourse B Near gates 7 and 24
Concourse C Near gates 16 and 26
Concourse D Near gate 9 and in Sojourner's Lounge
Concourse E Near gates 9, 17 and 29


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Waiting to Fly? Consider These Tips
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