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Security Tips to Keep You Moving
By DeAllous Smith

Department of Aviation officials encourage passengers to prepare for travel when originating their trip in Atlanta. To help passengers connect with their flights, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport offers the following time-saving tips to effectively navigate through the main and T-gates security checkpoints.

Before arriving at the Airport, remember to use the facility’s Trak-A-Line service.

Trak-A-Line allows subscribers to receive continuous updates on wait times at the security checkpoint areas. Registration is free and notification can be sent directly to your cell phone, pager, PDA or computer. To sign up for Trak-A-Line, click here.

Metal Detectors
Passing through the screening machines can be a breeze, if travelers place all metal items in a plastic bin on the conveyer belt so the items may be screened. Also, passengers are required to remove their outer coats and jackets for X-ray before proceeding through the screening area. This includes suit and sport coats, athletic warm-up jackets, sweaters, and blazers.

Additionally, all footwear must be removed and placed inside the security bin for screening.

Prohibited Items
The list of prohibited items continues to evolve. In addition to the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) 3-1-1 rule, other items are also subject to special provisions. Items such as baseball bats, cricket bats, ski poles, pool cues, and realistic replicas of firearms must be placed in checked luggage.

To review the complete list of prohibited items, visit TSA’s Web site.

For more travel tips and information on Hartsfield-Jackson, click here.

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Security Tips to Keep You Moving