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Curbside Improvements Taking Shape
By DeAllous Smith

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is sprucing up the curbside entrances of the main terminal building, and passengers are noticing.

“Wow, this [signage] wasn’t here last year,” exclaimed Decatur resident Catherine Jefferson. “I’m noticing exciting projects each time I travel through the Airport.”

The installation of new signage is part of the Airport’s Curbside Improvement Program. “The curbside project was designed to enhance the customers’ overall airport experience,” said Signage and Graphics Manager Jon Yee.

Signage on the free standing pylons provides pedestrians with zone information for passenger pick-up, drop-off, ticketing and ground transportation services. The signs also indicate the location of crosswalks to the parking garages.

The Department of Aviation began installations along the North Terminal and West Curb entrances in July. Once the areas are completed, crews will begin installation along the South Terminal entrance. All temporary signage displayed due to ongoing construction in the Ground Transportation Center will be removed.

And around the Thanksgiving holiday, travelers waiting curbside will enjoy the comfort of 89 newly installed benches featuring complete back support. A total of 60 new trash receptacles will also be placed along the curbside entrances.
As of mid-September crews had installed 38 benches, 8 ashtray trash cans and 7 trash cans at the Airport.

“This is great. It looks like the city of Atlanta is getting a new airport,” added Jefferson.

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