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Atlanta Fire Extinguishes Airfield Danger

By Herschel J. Grangent, Jr.

Atlanta Fire Rescue

Their mission is to prevent or mitigate harm to life, property and the environment, and the men and women of Atlanta Fire and Rescue who are assigned to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport strive each day to do just that.

Recently, the firefighters showcased their skills for the media.

“We spend most of our time behind the scenes, and people don’t really get to see what we do until there is an emergency,” said Atlanta Fire Chief Harold Miller. “It is good for everyone to know what services we provide, without having to experience them during a crisis situation.”

Hartsfield-Jackson has five fire stations, one adjacent to each runway. Fire Station 33 is the newest, having opened in May 2006. The facility features a mezzanine area above the living quarters which allows firefighters to practice training drills and simulate real-life situations.

Atlanta Fire @ Hartsfield-Jackson

Atlanta Fire @ Hartsfield-Jackson

With more than 200 firefighters, the department can respond to an airfield emergency in less than five minutes. In addition to aircraft and structural fire protection, Atlanta Fire and Rescue offers emergency medical protection, hazardous material cleanup and special response protection to travelers and Airport employees.

Firefighters displayed their equipment and uniforms, including crash trucks, medical command units and stair trucks. The day was highlighted by a fire truck demonstration showcasing the fire trucks’ spectacular ability to douse water with precision onto a burning structure.

Airport leadership is very confident in the men and women of Atlanta Fire.

“Safety and security are our top priorities at Hartsfield-Jackson,” said Aviation Deputy General Manager Mario Diaz. “We are constantly striving to increase preparedness in responding to emergency scenarios, and we’re grateful that the men and women of Atlanta Fire and Rescue play a pivotal role in that preparedness.”

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