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Hartsfield-Jackson Celebrates Human Rights with Swiss Consulate
By Herschel J. Grangent, Jr.

A middle-aged, Caucasian man sleeping in a cardboard box. A young African-American girl playing happily with her mother. Asian teens on their way to school.

On any place on the globe, one could see these images and easily recognize them as examples of humankind.

These examples and many like them have been captured on film forever and now travel the world as Etre—The Face of Human Rights, a still photo exhibit sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Consulate General of Switzerland.


Hartsfield-Jackson Celebrates Human Rights with Swiss Consulate


Hartsfield-Jackson Celebrates Human Rights with Swiss Consulate
Hartsfield-Jackson Celebrates Human Rights with Swiss Consulate

The display recently spent a week in the Atrium of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

“We are pleased to welcome such a captivating display of the face of human rights,” said Aviation Deputy General Manager Mario Diaz. “Switzerland has a long tradition in the promotion of human rights, and they have inspired many nations to focus on it as well.”

Seeming to capture the very essence of each subject photographed, the exhibit featured images of people from all over the world and from all walks of life. From the impoverished to the prosperous, the young to the elderly, those who viewed this group of pictures seemed to leave with a broadened view of what happiness and pain really mean to those in all parts of the world.

“The Swiss government believes that people can be sensitized to the subject of human rights,” said Swiss Consul General Ulrich Hunn. “This can be done through mediums such as sculpture and writing and certainly through photography. We feel we have solidified this belief by sponsoring this exhibit.”

In honor of the exhibit, Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin joined Diaz, Hunn and Carter Center Vice President of Peace Programs Dr. John Stremlau as speakers in a special reception on September 10.

The exhibit was enhanced by a daily performance from an authentic Swiss Alphorn Player. After its Atlanta stopover, the photo exhibit was scheduled to be displayed in Budapest, Hungary.

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