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Information Services Divsion Wins CIO 100 Award
By Roishina C. Henderson

Information Services Divsion Wins CIO 100 Award
Chief Information Officer Lance Lyttle at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport calls the business technology recognition of the CIO 100 Award “a team effort that contained a mountain of contributions from Aviation employees.”

During a black-tie awards ceremony at a two-day conference in Carlsbad, Calif., the top 100 technology innovators from private corporations and municipal entities were recognized with the annual prestigious award by CIO Business Technology Leadership. Hartsfield-Jackson Airport was the only aviation honoree in the automobile and transportation category. The award recipients were featured in the August 2007 edition of the CIO Business Technology Leadership magazine.

“It was great to be recognized among that caliber of businesses…such as Dell Computers, Best Buy and AT&T—real innovators,” said Lyttle, who spearheaded the Wi-Fi technology project with the Aviation Information Services Division. “I’m most proud of our city employees, and that I was able to watch them grow during this project and become real seasoned and dedicated to getting the job done.”

Lyttle credited the various units in the Aviation Department for completing the “Wi-Fi Then Fly” project, which took two years to complete. “Wi-Fi Then Fly” is a multi-purpose Airport system that provides wireless Internet and cellular services for passengers, public safety entities, airlines and concessionaires who operate at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.

“This service means that any person can use their laptop in 54 million square feet here (at the Airport), go to Concourse E and still be able to work as if they are in their office,” explains Lyttle. “This also includes the cellular system, where passengers can travel on the trains (through the various concourses) and get a crystal clear signal without dropping a call.”

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