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Automated Vehicle Identification System Set for November Launch
By DeAllous Smith

A revolutionary system designed to better manage transportation services and reduce roadway congestion at the Airport is soon to be operational. Commercial ground transportation drivers approaching the West Curb area of the Ground Transportation Center will then pass through a new controlled monitoring post known as an Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI) system.

The AVI system, scheduled to begin operating in November, will connect system readers with a transponder strategically positioned inside vehicles to detect, identify and monitor the activities of vehicles entering and exiting the area.

“The AVI will revolutionize commercial vehicle operations at the Airport,” said Ground Transportation Manager Winston Cooper. “The system offers a more accurate reading of the exact length of time that vehicles remain idle within the area. We can use this information to better manage transportation services and help reduce roadway congestion by evaluating the traffic patterns, which ultimately cause roadway delays.”

The transponder, similar in appearance to the types issued to registered motorists utilizing toll lanes along Georgia 400, sends specific information such as permit clearance, trip data and dwell times to system readers located throughout the Airport.

Although the AVI system was installed in July, it is undergoing a system-wide test for 90 days, with an official launch date of November 1. “We want to identify and address any issues before implementing a full activation,” added Cooper.

Currently, more than 300 companies have 3,000–plus vehicles registered to provide commercial transportation services at the world’s busiest airport. All commercial operators, including metro area shuttles, limousines, rental car shuttles, non-metro shuttles, charter vehicles, hotels and taxis are required to obtain a transponder.

“We are moving in the right direction with the AVI,” said Cooper. “Efficiency, convenience and excellent customer service are major factors in the Airport’s success. The system allows us to continue to exceed the expectations of our customers.”

Many airports around the country are moving toward this new technology in order to better manage their transportation services, while providing a higher level of service to their customers.

For more information about AVI, contact Ground Transportation Manager Winston Cooper at (404) 530-6674.

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Automated Vehicle Identification System Set for November Launch

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