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Hartsfield-Jackson Awarded for Noise Mitigation Efforts
By Pamela Wilson

Not only is Hartsfield-Jackson the world’s busiest airport for passengers and operations, but the Airport also strives to be a good neighbor by working to minimize its impact to the surrounding community. Those efforts were recently recognized when the Airport was named the 2007 Airport of the Year by the National Organization to Insure a Sound-Controlled Environment (NOISE). The organization works to reduce the impact of aviation noise on local communities.

College Park Councilman Joe Carn congratulates Hartsfield-Jackson General Manager Ben DeCosta.

College Park Councilman Joe Carn congratulates
Hartsfield-Jackson General Manager Ben DeCosta.

NOISE President Dennis McGann presented the award to Hartsfield-Jackson General Manager Ben DeCosta during the group’s 37th annual conference held at the Georgia International Convention Center in Atlanta this year.

"Mr. DeCosta recognizes that Hartsfield-Jackson holds a strong presence in the community, and he values relationships with stakeholders: neighboring communities, federal and state governmental agencies, civic organizations, elected officials and the general public,” McGann said in a statement.

McGann also praised Hartsfield-Jackson’s initiatives to promote a positive relationship with the Airport’s stakeholders through continuous two-way communication and community partnership.

DeCosta accepted the award and addressed the conference attendees during a luncheon keynote address. He shared the podium with Lynn Pickard, Senior Advisor for Environmental Policy Office of Environment for the Federal Aviation Administration.

“Hartsfield-Jackson has a long history in addressing noise,” DeCosta said. “Our noise program started more than 30 years ago, way back in 1972. We started with the noise abatement departure tracks – the process of routing airplanes in a way that minimizes sound emissions experienced by nearby residents.”

Hartsfield-Jackson has taken a proactive position to provide relief to the most noise-impacted residents in areas around the Airport. “We have spent approximately $350 million in both federal and local dollars for acquisition, relocation and noise insulation,” said DeCosta. “This includes sound insulation to more than 10,000 structures.”

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