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DeCosta Named Best Director of 2007 by ARN
By Roishina C. Henderson

Walking along the Department of Aviation, one thing’s hard not to notice – all the awards and accolades that line the wall. Well, make room for one more.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport received yet another honor this year when its general manager, Benjamin R. DeCosta, was named Airport Revenue News’ Best Director of 2007 in the Large/Medium Airports category.

The monthly magazine, based in Florida, describes DeCosta as a “delightful, gentle giant,” and as the “E.F. Hutton of the aviation industry” who takes a hands-on approach and knows how to run a fiscally fit organization, based on DOA employee remarks.

DeCosta Named Best Director of 2007 by ARN
Ben DeCosta, Airport Revenue News cover

“It’s a great honor to be recognized by Airport Revenue News,” says DeCosta. “I am humbled by and thankful to my colleagues for their faith in my leadership. This award reflects a team effort from the various units within the Aviation Department.

Airport Revenue News, which covers airport revenue sources, judged nominees based on questionnaires given to colleagues. The form asked about leadership abilities, innovative strategies on implementing non-aeronautical revenue, customer and community service.

In addition to overseeing multi-million dollar capital improvement projects, DeCosta supports various community efforts including helping Airport-area schools through the Aviation Department’s Partners in Education. The program aligns with DeCosta’s belief that students close to the Airport represent its future work force.

It’s also a way for DeCosta to help nurture future leaders, so they can perhaps one day make room on office walls for awards of their own.

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