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Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle Can Pay Off Big
By Roishina C. Henderson

Say goodbye to the ballooning waistline and that bodacious gluteus maximus.

Taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle just may bring a big payoff in the form of feeling lighter and boosting your energy level and confidence.

Hartsfield-Jackson employees participate in Health & Wellness campaign
Hartsfield-Jackson employees participate in Health & Wellness campaign

Robert Kennedy, assistant general manager of Operations, Maintenance and Security at Hartsfield-Jackson, said his health was on a downward spiral three years ago when eating fast food four times a day was part of his lifestyle. Today, he’s managed to toss poor eating habits and significantly lower his blood pressure, and he’s hoping to get his fellow employees on board with the Airport’s annual Health & Wellness campaign.

Themed “Keeping Balance One Step at a Time,” the campaign launched Jan. 23 and includes a weight challenge, nutrition sessions, fitness happy hours, a “500,000 Steps to Fitness” walking challenge and an Airport-wide health fair.

Atlanta-based Quick Fitness Solutions instructors talk to H-JAIA employees
about the benefits of leading healthy lifestyles

“Wellness leads to happiness, and happiness leads to [body and job] satisfaction,” said Kennedy. “Now, I’m in a much better place. When we have more energy and feel better, we can also take better care of our customers.”

Dr. Lesa Walden-Young from the Governor’s Office gave five ingredients for healthy living. “Be active, get checked, be smoke-free, eat healthy and have a positive attitude,” she advised.

Aviation employee Jean Davis has been on the road to healthy living since she joined Hartsfield-Jackson in 2000. The petite employee walks three-to-four times a week starting from the Airport Atrium to Concourse E, which is approximately one mile.

Davis said making no excuses and starting with a reasonable commitment to walk not only helps the body but can lead to a healthy lifestyle altogether. “Why not concentrate on your health so you can live a better life?” said Davis, a vegetarian who says she stays away from processed, fattening foods and drinks lots of water.

The wellness campaign ends April 23, and awards will be given to winners in the weight loss and walking challenges.


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