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Oh, Where Can It Be? Service Helps Reunite Passengers With Lost Items
By Herschel Grangent

Even the most organized person can lose something valuable. And now, if something is lost at Hartsfield-Jackson, a new online lost and found service increases the odds of getting it back.

By going to www.aatc.org, passengers can submit a lost item claim using Atlanta Airlines Terminal Corp.’s (AATC) online service.

AATC provides general building maintenance of the terminals and other services at Hartsfield-Jackson.

Once on the Web site, go to the lost and found section and click on the FoundIt! icon. Follow the instructions and you’ll see how to enter your contact information and a description of the lost item including serial numbers. There is also a general section for each item such as luggage, clothing, etc.

“Using our online lost and found service is a great place to start if you’ve lost something at Hartsfield-Jackson,” said Rod Ozust, deputy director of AATC. Items that get lost in common areas, even at the security checkpoints, make it into our system.” Items lost at the TSA security checkpoints are sent to AATC.

For up to 60 days, passengers can check on the status of a lost item. “We make every effort to find all items entered into the system and return it to its rightful owner,” said Ozust. So now no matter what you have lost, using this system increases the chances of getting it back.

If you lose an item during your flight, call the airline directly. The numbers are:

Air Canada (404) 559-0331 USAirways (404) 766-1582
Air France (404) 761-2811 KLM (404) 767-7762
Air Jamaica (404) 559-9624 Lufthansa (404) 530-3780
America West (404) 530-3567 United Airlines (404) 765-1261
American Airlines (404) 530-7100 Midway (404) 530-2405
AirTran (404) 530-2100 Midwest Express (404) 530-2465
ASA (404) 530-3882 Northwest Airlines (404) 530-3967
British Airways (404) 559-9624 Continental Airlines (404) 530-3530


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