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Taxicabs: Life in the ‘Ready Lane’
By Triphenya Bailey

A strike by taxicab drivers at Hartsfield-Jackson last summer was the inspiration for a new, streamlined method of queuing and dispatching the cabs in the taxi assembly area on the Airport’s west side.

Ground Transportation Operations Senior Dereck Maddox came up with the idea of dispatching taxis in a new way. “The new system is designed to reduce the dispatch time from the lot to the west curb by approximately 90 seconds,” he said. “At maximum capacity, as many as 300 taxicabs are packed into the spaces in the taxi assembly area.”

“At peak times, the new system will allow 10 taxis to be pulled out of the regular queue and into a ‘ready lane’,” said Maddox. The system essentially reduces the time it takes being dispatched from the regular lane compared to the ready lane. The ready lane keeps the drivers in their vehicles and close to the gate for a quick exit from the lot. As taxis move from the regular queue to the ready lane, they create immediate space for taxis waiting at the entrance. This method is repeated as needed and allows increased entry into the lot, which reduces congestion on roadways.

“We value our taxi operation and we want to do everything to work with our taxi drivers to ensure the safety of our customers and provide the best possible service,” said Maddox.

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