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City of Atlanta & Airport Opposes House Bill 89
By DeAllous Smith

Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin held a press conference at City Hall to announce her opposition to House Bill 89, which would make it permissible for citizens to carry concealed firearms into public establishments including restaurants that serve alcohol, historic sites, recreational areas and on public transit.

The bill is currently waiting for Governor Sonny Perdue to sign into law. “We represent thousands of people who believe this is a deadly bill that must be vetoed,” said Shirley Franklin while standing with supporters. “It’s not about a right to bear arms, it’s about safety.”

Aviation General Manager Ben DeCosta, Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) General Manager and Chief Executive Officer Beverly Scott, Georgians for Gun Safety Executive Director Alice Johnson and elected officials stood united with the Mayor to oppose HB 89.

“The City of Atlanta has a duty to protect its citizens and persons on its property; therefore, the City should have the right to decide whether to allow weapons of any kind on its property,” said DeCosta. “I urge Governor Perdue to veto House Bill 89.”

“House Bill 89 raises serious security questions and its impact on the Airport, if concealed weapons are allowed on MARTA,” added Johnson.

In the State of Georgia, individuals can not carry a concealed weapon into any place identified as a public gathering such as athletic events, churches, schools and universities and any place that serves alcohol, according to Johnson.

“If you look at the gun legislation around the world and you look at the number of gun related crimes, you can see a direct relationship between gun control and a reduction in violent crimes,” said Mayor Franklin while standing with supporters.

Citizens opposing HB 89 are encouraged to contact the Governor Perdue’s Office at 404.656.1776 to voice their opposition.

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