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Capital Improvements to Benefit Ground Transportation
By Albert Snedeker

Improved traffic flow and other benefits are on the horizon for Hartsfield-Jackson’s Ground Transportation, thanks to the Airport’s ongoing Capital Improvement Program (CIP). Many of those benefits were presented at the Airport Ground Transportation Association annual conference held April 7 at the Hilton in downtown Atlanta.

“Both the Consolidated Rental Car facility (CONRAC) and the Maynard H. Jackson, Jr. International Terminal (MHJIT) represent investments in our future,” said Jeff Pearse, Hartsfield-Jackson’s Marketing and Business Development director. “When completed, both facilities will provide meaningful opportunities for our Ground Transportation partners.” The two projects are part of the 10-year, $6 billion-plus Capital Improvement Program.

CONRAC is currently under construction and once complete will contain more than 8,500 rental car storage spaces that will increase parking capacity. It will also eliminate the need for rental car shuttle buses, which will help lower the Airport’s carbon footprint.

“We believe CONRAC should also help improve traffic flow around the Airport,” said Pearse. “The project includes an Automated People Mover (APM) that will link the facility with the passenger terminal and Georgia International Convention Center,” he said. The elevated APM will also link CONRAC and the terminal to the Gateway Center, a planned development that will offer more than 1 million square feet of office, retail and hotel space adjacent to the convention center.

Not only will Ground Transportation operators see improvements in their existing operations once CONRAC and its companion APM come online in 2009, they will also gain new opportunities once the new international terminal opens in 2011. “We believe the Maynard H. Jackson, Jr. International Terminal is a wise investment that will allow us to accommodate the rapidly growing international travel market,” said Pearse.

The international terminal is being designed to provide easy access for taxi, limousine and shuttle car drivers. Plans include space at the curb for 12 taxis to line up with additional space for 24 taxis in a hold area close to the terminal.

“There will also be a parking lot within a two-minute drive of the terminal that will have parking for at least 72 taxis, 30 limos, 22 shuttle buses and four charter buses,” said Pearse. “Hartsfield-Jackson’s Capital Improvement Program will yield significant benefits and opportunities for all our partners for years to come by having new facilities, less congestion and improved access.”


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