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Change is in the Air … Airport, That Is
By Triphenya Bailey

Since the 2005 launch of a multi-million dollar cosmetic upgrade and renovation project at Hartsfield-Jackson, the Airport’s landscape has been changing.

Based on results from a January customer satisfaction survey conducted by the Airport’s Marketing and Business Development unit, customers are reporting greater degrees of satisfaction in areas ranging from the appearance of gate areas to the variety of food and retail establishments available inside the Airport.

“We scored higher in six of nine categories,” said Jeff Pearse, director of Marketing and Business Development at Hartsfield-Jackson. “These survey results say passengers are starting to notice a difference in the Airport. What this shows us is that our action planning is working,” he said. The airport management’s strategic focus is on customer service and its Opening Day Fresh campaign message.

Pearse said the quarterly customer satisfaction survey, which began collecting data from passengers in 1999, is “just one tool that we use to assess how we are doing.”

In each survey, approximately 2,200 passengers are asked to provide their feedback about various aspects of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

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