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Revenue Control System Increases Parking Efficiency
By Triphenya Bailey

Improving the efficiency and speed at which customers enter and exit the on-airport parking lots is one of the main goals of the Parking Revenue Control System project at Hartsfield-Jackson.

“This project covers everything,” said Aviation Assistant Parking Manager Tracy Harrison. “From the entrances to the exits, it’s designed to enhance our operating efficiency,” she said.

The $21 million parking improvement plan, launched in 2005, includes a state-of-the-art revenue control system that provides Airport parking customers with a wider array of payment methods. This includes pre-pay stations that allow passengers to pay for parking prior to reaching the exit lanes in the parking lots. The pre-pay stations, also referred to as pay-on-foot machines, allow passengers to pay by cash or credit card before returning to their vehicles. More than 40 walk-up pay stations are placed throughout the lots.

A new subscriber-only parking area known as the Silver Reserve Lot is scheduled to open on the South Terminal side of the Airport in late June. Once the project is complete, it is expected to bring the number of on-airport parking to more than 32,000 spaces.

For updated information on parking at Hartsfield-Jackson, log on to www.atlanta-airport.com.


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