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Airport Police Cruisers Get New Laptops
By Roishina C. Henderson

“What’s your 20?”

Hartsfield-Jackson police officers can now find the “20” - or location - of an emergency with just a few keystrokes – inside their police cruisers.

All of the Airport police vehicles are now equipped with laptop computers that are mounted on quick-release brackets so the computer can be removed for service or software updates.

The laptops can also be used to communicate with other patrol cars and dispatchers in the precinct without having to use two-way radios. Additionally, officers can query the Georgia Crime Information Center database as needed.

Efficiency is a key factor that ensures public safety for the Airport community and passengers, said Dan Negris of the Airport’s Information Services Division.

“Because they are connected to the Internet, the officers can now complete a police report in their patrol cars, and it’s transmitted to the downtown [Atlanta] police precincts,” Negris said. “In the past, they had to communicate through radios. So, if they need to run a car license tag or check for warrants on any suspects, they can now pull up information within a matter of minutes on the laptops.”

Veteran police Officer Byron Barlow is pleased with the technology upgrades his unit has received.

“The laptops allow us to see all the information that 911 dispatchers type in, such as a contact phone number and a location,” he said. “And, if an officer is not familiar with the location that’s been called in, the laptops are equipped with MapQuest, which can give us directions to anywhere.”

The Airport police unit, which consists of approximately 115 officers, received training on operating the new laptops that came aboard a few months ago.

“The laptops are very helpful,” Barlow said. “You can’t always read everyone’s handwriting from paper reports; now the laptops generate more professional reports.”


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