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Hartsfield-Jackson Named ‘Most Efficient’ Airport
By DeAllous Smith

Hartsfield-Jackson Named ‘Most Efficient’ Airport

It’s efficient! Oops, make that -- official.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport was named the most efficient airport among all major airports worldwide by Air Transport Research Society (ATRS). The award marks the fifth ATRS award the Airport has received in six years.

“We are still celebrating this distinct honor,” said Mario Diaz, aviation deputy general manager who accepted the award at the 12th ATRS World Conference.

“With more than 56,000 employees working at the world’s busiest airport, ATRS’ global efficiency award confirms our daily commitment to providing excellent customer service for each passenger.”

ATRS, the largest network of academic researchers, has performed this global benchmarking project for seven years and uses cutting-edge research to understand airports’ best practices. The study provided a comparison of airport performance in select categories including productivity and efficiency, unit cost competitiveness, aviation user charges and performance level.

“Our efficiency rating is directly driven by our low operating costs and a high level of productivity,” added Diaz. “It was a pleasure to represent the staff and all of the hard work they do in helping us maintain our status as not only the world’s busiest, but also the world’s most efficient airport.”

Designations are based on data compiled by the ATRS Global Airport Benchmarking Task Force. The study included 142 airports and 14 airport groups worldwide.

As the recipient of the ATRS Global Airport Efficiency Award, Hartsfield-Jackson is automatically the winner in the North America category. Hong Kong International and Copenhagen airports were chosen as the top recipients for ATRS’ Asia and Europe Airport Efficiency Excellence Awards, respectively.

To learn more about the ATRS Airport Performance Excellence Awards, visit Air Transport News’ Web site at www.airtransportnews.aero.

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