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CONRAC People Mover Trains Arrive Right on Time
By Al Snedeker

Built in Japan, shipped across the Pacific Ocean and now ready for use at Hartsfield-Jackson, the first of 12 people mover cars that will carry passengers to and from the Consolidated Rental Car (CONRAC) facility at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International have arrived.

Early morning fog hung low over the CONRAC construction site recently as engineers and technicians from Hartsfield-Jackson, Archer Western Contractors/Capital Contracting Company Joint Venture and Sumitomo/Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of America prepared the first of four vehicles scheduled for installation.

Using a rectangular steel-framed harness designed by Mitsubishi, a 150-foot boom crane hoisted the first 37,000-pound vehicle onto the elevated automated people mover (APM) guideway.

CONRAC People Mover Trains Arrive Right on Time

By noon, the fog had given way to bright sun as the last people mover was gingerly lifted and placed on the guideway in front of the APM Maintenance & Storage facility, which will house the cars as well as the automated train control system and power distribution system.

Testing of the cars and control systems will begin late this year. An additional eight people mover cars will arrive at the Airport this summer. Once open for business, these cars will operate in tandem coupled with each two-car train capable of accommodating more than 100 passengers and their baggage.

Atlanta is the fourth-largest rental car market in the country. In fact, more than 2 million Hartsfield-Jackson passengers rented vehicles last year. This is projected to grow to 3.3 million rental car customers by 2015. CONRAC and its APM will also eliminate more than 120 rental agency shuttle buses from terminal roadways once CONRAC opens in November 2009.

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