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Diversity Program Exceeding Goals for Females and Minorities
By A.B. Snedeker

Atlanta is known for its legacy of inclusion, which is evident at Hartsfield-Jackson. A recent report indicates that the Airport's Capital Improvement Progam (CIP) is exceeding goals.

According to the report from the Supplier Diversity Program, the CIP has achieved 112 percent of its commitment to female and minority-owned business enterprise (F/MBE) participation in CIP contracts.

The City of Atlanta and the Airport committed in 2000 to a 34-percent FBE and MBE participation rate for the 10-year, $6 billion-plus capital development program. The CIP includes current and planned construction of the Consolidated Rental Car facility (CONRAC) and the Maynard H. Jackson, Jr. International Terminal as well as other capital planning and development projects.

Since the program began, Hartsfield-Jackson’s CIP has achieved a 38 percent participation rate as of July 31 among F/MBE contractors and service suppliers.

According to Joe Jackson, director of the Airport’s Supplier Diversity Program, “Of the roughly 1.9 billion capital program dollars spent so far, 38 percent or approximately $740 million has been paid to FBE and MBE construction and trade services businesses since 2000.”

“The Airport’s supplier diversity goals are simple,” said Ben DeCosta, Hartsfield-Jackson’s general manager. “We want to build upon the city’s legacy of inclusion and help female- and minority-owned businesses gain access to new opportunities at the Airport.”

The Supplier Diversity Program not only tracks and reports MBE and FBE participation and compliance, the unit also provides training and technical assistance to contractors and their employees through the nonprofit Greater Atlanta Economic Alliance (GAEA).

Established in 2000, the GAEA is an outreach and educational tool designed to increase the business capacity of female and minority-owned firms and ensure equal opportunity within CIP contracts. Training courses include invoice administration, estimating, scheduling, project management and contract administration, along with other specialized courses.

“These courses provide FBE and MBE owners with information they need to compete with much larger, well-established firms in the construction industry,” explained Jackson. “We have a lot of work to do and we need skilled and qualified companies to help build Atlanta’s future, regardless of gender or ethnicity.”

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