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CHEERS! It’s a Celebration of Customers
By DeAllous Smith

The weather forecast on October 17 called for cloudy skies with a chance of showers. Yet, no one could predict the thunderous beats that poured from South Atlanta High School’s drum line as it marched toward the Atrium.

South Atlanta High School Drum Line

Passengers and employees gathered at about 12:30 p.m. to dance, smile and share in the excitement as the band helped officially launch Hartsfield-Jackson’s customer appreciation program called CHEERS!

“We understand that providing quality airport service extends beyond our front doors,” proclaimed Ben DeCosta, aviation general manager after the line finished its choreographed medley. “You are an incredibly diverse community with a common expectation of excellent customer service.”

Arriving passenger Rachel Hartman was thrilled to see the drum line’s performance as she waited for a table at Houlihan’s restaurant. “This is awesome, very nice … it helps pass the time, and we’re getting great exercise after sitting on a two-hour flight,” said the Minnesota native.


CHEERS! Customer Appreciation-Handing Out Gifts to Passengers

Face painters, a magician, live music performances, African storyteller and traditional dance performed by the Atlanta Asian Culture and Arts Center quickly became customer favorites in the Atrium and on Concourse E. October 17 was designated as Concessions Day and International Day.

From 7 to 11 a.m., the Concessions staff started the day by offering customers on the concourses complimentary bottled water, newspapers and pocket massagers. Thousands of brochures were also handed out highlighting the Airport’s upcoming projects and achievements over the past several years.

CHEERS! Customer Appreciation- Face Painting

Over on Concourse E, the international terminal, a costumed Buckingham Palace Guard greeted travelers as a costumed Roman senator distributed Godiva chocolates, luggage tags and other giveaways to intrigued passengers.

As he paraded along the concourses, the senator asked trivia questions and conducted a “Let’s Make A Deal”- style game show with surprised and delighted customers, giving away $50 Visa gift cards and consolation prizes.

CHEERS! Customer Appreciation- Senator

“Now, this has truly made my day,” Hartman said as she received a gift. “I’ll be leaving soon to do mission work, so this pedometer will come in very handy.”

The Airport continued its CHEERS! customer celebration on October 24 with a focus on Parking and Ground Transportation patrons. Throughout the day, travelers enjoyed complimentary popcorn, cold beverages, hot dogs and snow cones during Ground Transportation’s carnival-themed festivities. Guests also played games and enjoyed a live jazz band. Parking customers received more giveaways, including gourmet popcorn, scratch-off tickets that revealed potential prizes such as discount parking coupons, $25 gift cards, and other promotional items.

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