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More Security Lanes Mean More Customer Satisfaction
By Hartsfield-Jackson Staff Writers

Hartsfield-Jackson is improving the travel experience for more than 250,000 customers who fly through the Airport each day by adding 10 new and more efficient security lanes. With four new lanes in Terminal South and six new lanes in Terminal North, customers now have a total of 32 lanes at three checkpoints. 

Lane Expansion-Self Select

“Hartsfield-Jackson’s goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations, and these new security checkpoint areas, security lanes and more convenient screening procedures will decrease checkpoint wait times,” said Ben DeCosta, aviation general manager. “During the traditionally busy 100 days of summer this year, we managed to reduce the number of wait times exceeding 20 minutes by almost 90 percent over last year. This $26 million investment will further enhance the overall efficiency of our Airport, making for an even more hassle-free experience for our customers.”

Atlanta’s two largest airlines, Delta and AirTran, endorsed the additional checkpoints as a positive move for their passengers at a news conference on October 28. Additionally, the opening of the new lanes coincides with the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) launch of its Diamond Self-Select program in Atlanta, giving customers a choice of where to enter security checkpoints based on their travel expertise. 

“We are pleased to introduce the Diamond Self-Select lane program to Hartsfield-Jackson today as part of the overall expansion and improvement of the security checkpoint area,” said Gerald Chapman, TSA Central Area director. “Allowing passengers to select lanes based on their needs and experience creates a calmer and more efficient checkpoint, enhancing security as a result.”

Signage for the self-select lanes resembles snow-skiing icons that guide travelers to the appropriate lane based on their travel skill and experience level. The three self-select categories are:

  • Black Diamond for expert, elite or frequent business travelers
  • Blue Square for more casual travelers with carry-on baggage and a basic understanding of security requirements
  • Green Circle for those flying with young children in strollers or who might have special needs

The premium passenger lanes for airline customers are now located alongside TSA’s Black Diamond lanes at the North Security Checkpoint and are inclusive as part of the Black Diamond lanes at the South Security Checkpoint.

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