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Escalator Expansion Project Continues on T-Concourse
By DeAllous Smith

Smiling faces and growing spaces will be a popular theme at the world's busiest airport. Aviation officials are gearing up to install a second escalator at the connecting center point of Concourse T's vertical transportation core.

As part of the $26 million Security Screening Check Point (SSCP) Expansion 2008 project, the additional escalator will speed up passenger traffic throughout the concourse, which has increased since the opening of 10 new security lanes in the main terminal. Construction crews began prepping the site in July 2008 and will continue with a three-phase installation.

Once complete, the second escalator will mirror the existing structure and guide travelers from Concourse T to the Transportation Mall. Since construction occurs during late hours, aviation officials expect minimal to no disruption in the area.

"This project will improve and expedite the travel experience for more than 250,000 travelers who fly through the Airport each day," said Mary Lammers, SSCP expansion project manager. "The elevator and escalators located directly behind the security desk at the main checkpoint area will remain open at all times and will not be impacted."

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