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The skills that pay the bills
Internship program helps students build on interests in construction
By A.B. Snedeker

Despite current economic conditions, construction continues on several important projects at Hartsfield-Jackson. With this construction comes the need for new, skilled workers in all construction industry trades. To address this growing need, the Airport and the Greater Atlanta Economic Alliance (GAEA) offer an internship for eligible high school students.

The Construction Skills Development Institute (CSDI) is a summer internship program that places high school students with local construction companies. To qualify, a student must be 16 to 18 years old, pass a written test and interview, and receive a teacher recommendation.

Students selected for the program will be matched with companies that specialize in the students' fields of interest. Architecture, computer design, construction management, engineering and office administration are among the construction industry trades available through the CSDI.

"This internship is a great opportunity for students to get real-world experience in their field of interest," Joe Jackson, Hartsfield-Jackson's diversity director for capital development, said. "It's also very positive for the Airport because of the constant need for well-trained, well-qualified contractors."

To support its capital development program and to ensure that goals for minority contracting are met, the Airport joined with more than 20 construction-related businesses in the area to establish the GAEA in 2000. The organization helps to train and qualify companies — including minority- and female-owned businesses — to participate in large-scale construction projects with the Airport, MARTA and the Georgia Department of Transportation.

For more information about the summer internship program or the GAEA, please visit www.alliance4u.org.




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